Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mongla sea port in Bangladesh

              Mongla port, Bangladesh - West is located. It is the country's largest sea port. It is 48 km south of Khulna city. 1 port was established in December, 1950. This animal is sanyogasthale River and Mongla river.
Abisthata south of Mongla upazila in Bangladesh. It should include Bagerhat district. Its size 1.461 - The Baug km. Mongla upazila on the north side Rampal, dakopa the west, east and south by moralaganja and saranakhola and bangopasagara is located.The river is located in the animal and Mongla Mongla river.

                 The port is open for 24 hours and up to 225 metre long ships can enter into the port for discharging cargo.A constraint free large channel is available for anchorage and loading/unloading facilities on both sides for 33 ships at a time. The port's chief exports include jute, leather, tobacco, frozen fish, and shrimp; major imports include grain, cement, fertilizer, coal, and wood pulp. Its population as of 2010 was 65764

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