Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bagarhat tourist place in Bangladesh

Sixty Dome Mosque in Bagarhat
        Travelers are prior arrangement Sixty Dome Mosque, Mongla  sea port as the best of 3 Bagarhat. There are 7 tourist attractions in Khulna a metropolitan just 45 km from Bagarhat. The most popular of these are . You can find 140 Tourist desirability in the country of Bangladesh and Dhaka is our element most wanted Tourist Attraction in all of bangladesh. More in sequence you can Check map of tourist attractions Bagerhat in Bangladesh.
      The Sixty Dome Mosque  is the biggest in order mosque in Bangladesh and one of the most wonderful Muslim architectural structure on the Indian Subcontinent. It is situated in Bagarhat in Bangladesh.
       The 'Sixty Dome' Mosque has ramparts of extraordinarily broad, tapering element in the Tughlaq style and a hut-shaped roofline that anticipate later styles. There are in summit of fact seventy-seven (77) near to the ground domes approve in seven row of eleven, and one dome on every corner, bring the full amount to 81 domes. The inside is separated into a lot of aisle and bay by meager column, which come to an end in frequent arch that maintain the cover.
      There are many tourist place in Bagarhat as Sixty Dome Mosque,sona mosque, khan jahan ali tomb multifaceted,sundarban, Mongla  sea port one of the most popular tourist place in Bagarhat.