Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cox's Bazaar tourist place.

  Cox's Bazaar is the largest tourist place in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a Natural beauty countery.Cox's Bazaar is the best ever tourist place  in the world. Most tourists peripatetic in my day is coming. Cox's Bazaar beach scene when the absurd. Thousands of women - male children milanamela work. Their joy ucchbase  F Sea coast. The red flag is a notice signal that attracts the emotions ebb tide and ucchbase display place in sea water hunting misfortune is too a lot of tourists.
In calculation to the extensive sea beach in Cox's Bazaar beach area contiguous to many landmarks which are the major topics of interest for tourists. Rayecha interesting area contiguous to the beach, absurd from Cox's Bazaar beach is 35 km. Recently Cox's Bazaar is the best tourist and picnic spot all over the world people.

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