Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sylhet Tourist spots in Bangladesh.

Shah Jalal is a saint of Bengal for the most part in the area of Sylhet, Bangladesh. Jalal's name is related with the Muslim defeat of Sylhet, for which he is set the most recognition. He was buried at Sylhet. Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal is the most popular Tourist place in Sylhet,Bangladesh.Every year many people comes Hazrat Shah jalal shrine. Today, additional than six hundred years behind his passing away, the shrine is visited by immeasurable devotees of every background and creed, who make the expedition from for away places. Celebrity says, the great saint who came from Delhi to preach Islam and overpowered the then Hindu Raja Gour Gobinda, malformed the witchcraft clique of the Raja into catfishes which are still animate in the tank neighboring to the shrine Swords, the holy Quran and the best clothes of the holy saint are still potted in the shrine.
Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar Sharif is the the best part chronological dutiful attention tourist position in Sylhet town. The City of Sylhet is very accepted with tourists place, as it is situated on the banks of the Surma River and is bordered by spectacular green forests, plentiful natural world, sweet-smelling outgrowth tree groves and never-ending tea plantation. It is a little piece of heaven in Bangladesh, secreted sandwiched between the undulating green hills of Tripura, Jainitia and Khasi. It is the superlative position to run off to, to knowledge Bangladesh at it’s the best. Over and above the charming question of the background and terraced private grounds establish in the town, there are many attractions for company to travel around, and in the middle of the devout attractions, the Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal is in all probability the most holy.

Every year many people comes Hazrat Shah jalal shrine.Hazrat Shah Jalal was hidden in Sylhet and his burial place attract guests every day.The fine clothes and rapier are potted within the mosque, but these holy artifacts are not on show to the public.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Patuakhali Tourist Spots.

   Kuakata, locally known like Daughter of the Sea is a uncommon beautiful tourist spot on the southernmost of Bangladesh. Kuakata in Latachapli blending under Kalapara law enforcement position of Patuakhali area is regarding 30 km in duration and 6 km in width. It is 70 km as of Patuakhali area head office and 320 km as of Dhaka.Kuakata sea beach is was with  Barishal region.At the present it is by means of Barisal Division.At Kuakata outstanding mixture of the charming accepted loveliness, dirty seaside, blue sky, titanic area of water of the Bay and evergreen jungle in actually eye-catching. 
 The most popular tourist place in Patuakhile is Kuakata sea Beach,Agunmukha river Galachipa,Jhau bon tropical forest in kuakata,Patuakhile University of Science & Technology.

Kuakata sea Beach:The Most top beauty tourist attraction in Patuakhali are is a Kuakata sea beach. Very interesting tourist place in kuakata. It is called SagorKonna that (means daughter of sea).Patuakhali area is regarding 30 km in duration and 6 km in width. It is 70 km as of Patuakhali area head office and 320 km as of Dhaka.
Sonar Char:It is in Golachipa sub area in Patuakhali and beach is related similar to Kuakata. But it is common sea beach of kuakata. Every year all over the world many people tourist in Bangladesh. A lot of tourist comes to the Sonar Char sea beach to see the together sunrise and sunset.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bagarhat tourist place in Bangladesh

Sixty Dome Mosque in Bagarhat
        Travelers are prior arrangement Sixty Dome Mosque, Mongla  sea port as the best of 3 Bagarhat. There are 7 tourist attractions in Khulna a metropolitan just 45 km from Bagarhat. The most popular of these are . You can find 140 Tourist desirability in the country of Bangladesh and Dhaka is our element most wanted Tourist Attraction in all of bangladesh. More in sequence you can Check map of tourist attractions Bagerhat in Bangladesh.
      The Sixty Dome Mosque  is the biggest in order mosque in Bangladesh and one of the most wonderful Muslim architectural structure on the Indian Subcontinent. It is situated in Bagarhat in Bangladesh.
       The 'Sixty Dome' Mosque has ramparts of extraordinarily broad, tapering element in the Tughlaq style and a hut-shaped roofline that anticipate later styles. There are in summit of fact seventy-seven (77) near to the ground domes approve in seven row of eleven, and one dome on every corner, bring the full amount to 81 domes. The inside is separated into a lot of aisle and bay by meager column, which come to an end in frequent arch that maintain the cover.
      There are many tourist place in Bagarhat as Sixty Dome Mosque,sona mosque, khan jahan ali tomb multifaceted,sundarban, Mongla  sea port one of the most popular tourist place in Bagarhat.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cox's Bazaar tourist place.

  Cox's Bazaar is the largest tourist place in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a Natural beauty countery.Cox's Bazaar is the best ever tourist place  in the world. Most tourists peripatetic in my day is coming. Cox's Bazaar beach scene when the absurd. Thousands of women - male children milanamela work. Their joy ucchbase  F Sea coast. The red flag is a notice signal that attracts the emotions ebb tide and ucchbase display place in sea water hunting misfortune is too a lot of tourists.
In calculation to the extensive sea beach in Cox's Bazaar beach area contiguous to many landmarks which are the major topics of interest for tourists. Rayecha interesting area contiguous to the beach, absurd from Cox's Bazaar beach is 35 km. Recently Cox's Bazaar is the best tourist and picnic spot all over the world people.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bangladesh Historical Place

Welcome To Historical Places Of Bangladesh

 Chhota Sona Masjid: One of the the majority charming monument of the Sultanate period is the  Chhota Sona Masjid  or Small Golden Mosque at Gaur in Rajshahi. Built by one Wali Muhammad during the reign of Sultan Alauddin Husain Shah (1493-1519), it was at first roofed over with 15 gilded domes together with the 3 ChauchaIqa domes in the middle row, from which it  derives its interested name. Chhota Sona Masji.
Shait Gombuj  Mosque:Among the many in existence monuments of the Khan Jahan Ali style, certainly the most wonderful and largest element mosque in Bangladesh is the  Shait Gombuj . It is located in Bagerhat district. For outstanding architectural value. the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO celebrated Bagerhat in the World tradition list and it got the status of  the second World tradition site in Bangladesh after Paharpur. Out of today's current mosques, the  Shait Gombuj  Mosque is the most wonderful and certainly the biggest element mosque current in Bangladesh. Its name, meaning '60 domes', is confusing as in truth, it is roofed over with 77 small domes supported by a forest of slender columns covering a huge hope hall and giving it the emergence of a medieval church cellar At daylight when the rays of the sun go through the eastern entrance, the inside comes to life. There is small decoration to this building other than the fixed stone decoration to the middle  mihrab  at the western end of the prayer hall. The outdoor facades, with a little 'battered' walls, have discernible bend cornices a acknowledgment to the local style. Shait Gambuj Mosque.
 Paharpur:Paharpur is treated as the biggest Buddhist Seat of Learning of South Asia. It is a small village of  Bangladesh 5 km west of Jamalganj in the bigger Rajshahi district, where the leftovers of the most important and the biggest known monastery south of the Himalayas has been excavate. This 7th century AD archaeological find covers an area of just about 11 hectare. The entire organization, occupy a Quadrangular court, events more than 300 meters and varies from 3.5 to 4.5 meters in height with an involved access complex on the north, there are 45 cells on the north and 44 in each of the other three sides, with a total number of 177 rooms.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Bangladesh tourist

Welcome to tour to Bangladesh. Bangladesh naturally very beautiful country. All spaces of Bangladesh is charming.Bangladesh is the land of nature because she is full of natural beauties.There are many natural beauty place.As The St. Matins Island,Moheskhali Tourism place, Paharpur is a small tourist place,Cox's Bazar is the longest beach of Bangladesh, Kuakata is a beautiful place of the southern part of Bangladesh,Sbapnapuri is the most popular tourist place of Bangladesh.Bangladesh all travel, tourism, tourist spots are very nice-looking. Every year all over the wold many nation travel of Bangladesh tourist place.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beautyfull Kuakata sea beach

Kuakata is the best sea coast of Bangladesh.Kuakata is really a virgin beach-a shelter for traveling winter birds, a series of coconut trees, sandy beach of blue Bay, a spread for the eye. Forest, boats plying in the Bay of Bengal with colorful sails, fishing, towering cliffs, surfing waves the whole lot here touches every visitor’s heart.
        The unique civilization and costumes of the ‘Rakhyne’ tribal families and Buddhist Temple of about hundred years old designate the ancient convention and civilizing tradition, which are objects of great happiness Kuakata is the place of pilgrimage of the Hindus and Buddhist communities. Beautiful kuakata, bangladesh

      The long and wide beach at Kuakata has a classic natural setting. This sandy beach has gentle slopes into the Bay of Bengal and swim there is as lovely as is on foot or diving.
Every year maney people visit the kuakata sea beach.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bhola picnic spot in Bangladesh

The island is known as Bhola district. There are a lot of people brown come here every year from all over the world. District of Bhola Island, Bangladesh's biggest traditional desired of tourists is ananda. Each year the fall winter season here in the family journey desired people. Bhola is about 60 kilometers away from the spot of the picnic. 
Bhola Bhola districts in the eyes of the children park, Bhola Government College, ilisa dock, built on 4.6 acres of land full of Japanese-style alatajera Rahman College, in calculation to the space by paranaganja najiura.
  The caraphyasana the sea beach of Green Island Pirate kukari - mukari stain darsanarthidera draw a lot of them. Bhola district of the earth - all from the derasa key: m: south of the spot position
The spatagulo Looking for a different place every year in the country, roving abroad fall favorite people. 

 Bholaya commercially because there is not any tourist attraction in the district every year in winter, visitors concerned in mausuma ejelara family picnic planned at all venues. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Madhabakunda is the largest Falls of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a expected beauty. Each year many people come here to tour. Travelling is one of my desired places in the denominator of a waterfall madhabakund., It is the biggest waterfall.Baralekha district, only 5 kilometer away from the maulabhibajara kamthalatali is madhabakunda.
The development of statement system has been enhanced with the madhabakunde the subidharao. By road from any place in the country to bring it directly. The facility has relapatheo. Has been much easier for tourists to travel with.
     Many people travel here every year from all over the world. Picnic speck as it is a well-known domestic and foreign tourists. Giri are vast mountains, delimited by fertile green banaraji ikoparke prabina, young, women - men outburst of laughter and the sound of snow showers call flow, call jalarasira known tourists come here. Moreover, different type of birds, wild monkeys, and insect travel in unfamiliar tone of a fun thing. The drop came one year and paryatakara pipasu travel. Most tourists who come here for the water to attract the fall syam syam words. When I started I do not know when to end the flood.*
     There is very swarming early winter rain. Because it's winter time, people rather to travel. In calculation to the F row of winter visitors and year round.

Madhabakunda jalaprapate cokhe when the top-down hill horizon tilaya two tea gardens. Tyler bhamje bhamje khasiyadera zoom all through the farming. Paharidera fixed tribal house and bath house scene actually apurba. Which allows tourists to enjoy.