About Bangladesh

About Bangladesh.
Bangladesh is a property of natural beauties country all over the world. Bengalis in Bay additional beautiful gifts of nature. The blue sea and the increasing signal of water is all the time a beautiful sight, a split second in which our willful minds as frozen.
Bangladesh has six season. Each rtute consists of two months. Every season has its individual beauty and individuality. Bangladesh temperature is so good and the weather conditions is appropriate for living. Every season new words and the beauty of the scene comes with.
Cox's Bazaar is a beautiful place for nature lovers. It is the longest sea beach in the world. The sundarbans the major mangrove forest in the world. In Bangladesh, their individual roles rally in six seasons, come and subtle beauty of our land with grace.
Bangladesh is a Muslim country with about 85 percent of the people. There are many mosque in Bangladesh. Baitul Mukarram is a national mosque in Bangladesh. It is situated in the busy city of Dhaka.
The natural beauty of mountainous areas which are home. The slopes of tea gardens in Sylhet. Mymensingh area is very careful smalls hill tribesman have landscapes.The existence make this place additional beautiful. Rangamati,Bandarbans and Khagrachari three mountainous regions Bangladesh. Beautiful lake crystal - comprehensible water and fountain are simply manifest that all of our fascination.
Bangladesh is an independent country. Pakistan gain its independence from the December 16, 1971, sacrifice their lives for the freedom of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is independent after nine months. By Savar National Memorial is a symbol of the War of Independence in the nation‘s reputation. 

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