Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sixty dome Mosque in Bagerhat

               Sixty dome Mosque in Bagerhat district of Bangladesh is an ancient mosque. This mosque has no inscription. It is constructed so as to be created at any time or in the correct any information about him can not be found. The thing is that the architecture of the mosque - E - no doubt about it, he did not create music. The idea is to create it in the 15th century. The mosque was built many years. Patharagulo was brought from rajamahala. It is located in one of three World Heritage area. Mosque in north - south of outward and inward approximately 160 feet long and about 143 feet east - west outward and inward approximately 88 feet wide by 104 feet. Approximately 8.5 feet thick walls.

               History:Sultan Mahmud nasirauddina sahera (1435-59) in the period - Azam uluga The coal khanajahana something khaliphabada State average year. Khanajahana meeting for the year is a court of law, which is the sixty dome mosque.

         Externals:Mosque door in the east wall 11. Others than the middle door. The north and south walls are 7 doors. Mosque minaret has 4 corners 4. These designs are rounded and pointed it at the top. Minaragulora height, roof than karnisera. There are two minare gnarled hand and Gifts from the front of the system. The Roushan group a name, OK to andhara group. There are 60 pillars or pillar inside the mosque. It is located north from the south of 6 rows and each row and column is 10. These 60 pillars and walls Advertisers have been created around the dome. Name of sixty dome mosque (60 dome) mosque, but there are 60 half dome, the dome, in 11 rows of 77 miharabera wall between the middle row of the dome are a lot of grades seven sloping four-ways, such as rice cells. The remaining 70 semi-spherical dome.
                   Abhyantarabhaga:Inside the walls of the mosque are 10 miharaba. The miharabera the south and north of 4 miharaba have 5. The next point in the middle of the north side where miharabera 1 1 miharaba there exists a small door. Some of the - e - Jahan Mosque prayer for this work was also used as a court house, and the door of the court room access.

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