Thursday, February 21, 2013

Madhabakunda is the largest Falls of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a expected beauty. Each year many people come here to tour. Travelling is one of my desired places in the denominator of a waterfall madhabakund., It is the biggest waterfall.Baralekha district, only 5 kilometer away from the maulabhibajara kamthalatali is madhabakunda.
The development of statement system has been enhanced with the madhabakunde the subidharao. By road from any place in the country to bring it directly. The facility has relapatheo. Has been much easier for tourists to travel with.
     Many people travel here every year from all over the world. Picnic speck as it is a well-known domestic and foreign tourists. Giri are vast mountains, delimited by fertile green banaraji ikoparke prabina, young, women - men outburst of laughter and the sound of snow showers call flow, call jalarasira known tourists come here. Moreover, different type of birds, wild monkeys, and insect travel in unfamiliar tone of a fun thing. The drop came one year and paryatakara pipasu travel. Most tourists who come here for the water to attract the fall syam syam words. When I started I do not know when to end the flood.*
     There is very swarming early winter rain. Because it's winter time, people rather to travel. In calculation to the F row of winter visitors and year round.

Madhabakunda jalaprapate cokhe when the top-down hill horizon tilaya two tea gardens. Tyler bhamje bhamje khasiyadera zoom all through the farming. Paharidera fixed tribal house and bath house scene actually apurba. Which allows tourists to enjoy.