Friday, February 8, 2013

Bangladesh incomparable beauty manapura Island

          The largest island of Bhola Island manapura rupali isolated from the mainland. Meghna Meghna nadibestita lap around the huge groomed green - syamale fenced lilabhumi manapura amazing beauty. 

Manapura in other regions of the country, including foreigners find it interesting and spectacular.Tare many tools on the tourist island of glamor bandhane stuck. The morning sun may rise in the east, yolky eggs red, the red glow spread downstairs bikalabelao us spread the sky lukaya mouth.
 District town 80 km south - east of the Bay consists of three coal mohanaya Meghna something about manapura of millions of people live. Mia jamirasahera smrtibijarita manapura the oldest island.
Amazing beauty of nature is lilabhumi manapura Bhola Island about 80 km distance from the sea chest rise sightly jage another isolated island. The main transport system from tajumuddina Sci - trucks, tralara and engine powered boat that takes at least two hours.

Sbapnapuri is the best tourist place of Bangladesh

          Sbapnapuri  is The best tourist sports of Bangladesh.I like beautiful secluded in a dreamy world sbapnapuri Mohan magician. Which darsanathi, tourists, playwright, calaccitrakaradera been able to attract. Members of the city's location 5 km by road from the south - before Nawabganj upazila of the district phulabari distance of 1 km from the city sbapnapurira Members from the entire market phulabari aphatabaganja can come here with the pavement.

       The many people from different places for relaxation or picnic turn-out occurs more especially in the winter season. The film has been known as a spot. Here are a few films already been citrayita. Jurano corner of the eye at purite Desi - Foreign different paryatakara come in here.Sbapnapurite arrive sbapnapurira welcome two big gate dandayamana parira portrait statues. The two test them both to expand the fin and the gate high ekahata two standing next to it. Was the route the two side rows rows deodar trees.
                               If it is not the end of the path,
                               But how would you say it.
                                Do not ... do not .... Say.

There are artificial lakes, mountains, lakes, parks, trees greatly - gachali and the splendor of flowers, children park, zoo, artificial animals, phulabagica, brick field, artificial fountain, horse chariot, hansaraja sampana, salabagana, khelamanca, namajaghara. Hurst, sculpture, dakabanla, soil cottage, nature Map of Bangladesh market. One Mohan - wiz dreamy world. Be divided into a few of these dreamy way to go in the world, standing at a stretch bisbakabi Rabindranath Tagore, the rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam farmers tired of sitting gharagumjo sculpture. Align the chair, mounted on the tool. Hansaraja sampane transparent blue water lake riding includes the loss. Sampane go anywhere alone we have seen women, I have to head down to the youth feel depressed or have very bisalakrti kacupata. In the artificial world of animals. Enter the Dragon was ready for the welcome. Walls of lime - suraki been extinct wild animals with portrait. The two phelatei one is startled cry. Yes, not all the way across the line - skull. This man - skull mouth that will reach the animal world.

          There are various artificial hills and fountain. Reading a small lake, mountain spring water basin. Side of the lake is 500 square b ¯ trta Map of Bangladesh, which is brick - cement that has been well-prepared. This dreamy sbapnapurite, it 's time to be valued. In the nisipadma, nilapari, Hesperus, tuberose metho VIP room and five ravishing dakabanla bower name. The rent for the dakabanla relaxes. The food inexpensively subyabastha - have. Sbapnapurite for children of Shishu, the cradle of revolution carakite fun. There are horse riding horses about to run, lovely horse trips in the car. Lovely colorful umbrella on top of the carriage, which is trying to run away. The office premises for market shopping, restaurants. Support for different types of cooking stoves rent. In addition, chairs, tables, pipkin - patilasaha dekoresanera available on rent. Have its own security measures. The sbapnapuri Nawabganj upazila in Dinajpur district, about 400 acres of land about aphatabaganjera Khalishpur maujaya B ¯ trta this drstinandana picnic or entertainment spots 'sbapnapuri'. In Feb 1989 "yari popular flutist Md. Delwar Hossain, only 7 percent of the 38 acres of land on the personal initiative of sbapnapurira started. Currently, it has 400 acres of land trta