Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sent Martins Island of Bangladesh

The whole Bay of Bengal to the south of St. Martins Island North - purbanse is a coral island. It is about 9 km south of Cox's Bazar and Teknaf districts of Burma -'s coast 8 km west of the river napha mohanaya is located. Locally it is found that a lot of coconut in the coconutjinjirao.Sent Martins Island coconut trees.

          Travel:The island is a popular tourist center. There are currently a number of residential hotels in St. Martins Island. Dakabanlo have a government. St. Martins Island law - and order situation is good.
         Pranibaicitrya and udbhidabaicitra:The island, which means it is not natural forests without caraway forest. The south side of the island plenty of caraway bush - bush there. Some of the mangrove trees in the south. Other plants include Care, streblus asper, sagaralata, baina etaka trees.
 Sent  Martins island, about 66 species of coral, 140 species of snails - abalone, 1 hundred and 50 species of marine alga, guptajibi 1 of 45 species of plants, 40 species of marine fish 2sa, four species of amphibian and bird species found in 1 year at 0. Locally known as pejala

Bangladesh is a small island of calm

                  Welcome Island is a small island. Welcome to the island of Hatia upazila of Noakhali district.        The 'island', but it is basically a 'spy. Char Osman, jaundice char and dust Murray - the four Char island of calm. 
    The 14,000 acre island in the wake of the 1950 century. Lokabasati was not until the 1970s has, so nijhumai the island.The banabibhaga 70 -'s decade of the forest department. The first four pairs of deer experimentally discount. Welcome Island and deer sanctuary. Harinasumari in proportion to the number of 1996 deer, 000. The second largest mangrove forest, the Sundarbans Island still has some claim.
           Area and Population:The island still has a bunch of 9 villages. In addition to this cluster of villages scattered in various places in the small shack houses. Island 36970.454 hectares of the area is calm.

          Animals, birds and plants:The island still wild animals other than deer and buffalo no. The number of deer, 000. 35 species of birds. The winter season is still upon hundreds of species of birds abhayaranye Island.
Polymer Char island still large areas. Ebb tide and submerged sumkoya properly. There are various species of birds live in these areas.
  Marasrpari the star fish amphibian who are called. 5 years up to this marasrpara Endeavor, are 6-9 inches long.
  Welcome Island is famous for the Hilsa monsoon season. This time dhakasaha buy fish at the island of calm in the region paikarara ..
  The island still has a caraway plant. In addition, there are about 43 species of 1 latagulma and other plant species.
           Transport System:If you wish to communicate with other regions, depending on the ebb tide is still Islander people. Hatia, Bhola, or contact us if you want to see them fully comply with the ebb tide.