Friday, February 8, 2013

Bangladesh incomparable beauty manapura Island

          The largest island of Bhola Island manapura rupali isolated from the mainland. Meghna Meghna nadibestita lap around the huge groomed green - syamale fenced lilabhumi manapura amazing beauty. 

Manapura in other regions of the country, including foreigners find it interesting and spectacular.Tare many tools on the tourist island of glamor bandhane stuck. The morning sun may rise in the east, yolky eggs red, the red glow spread downstairs bikalabelao us spread the sky lukaya mouth.
 District town 80 km south - east of the Bay consists of three coal mohanaya Meghna something about manapura of millions of people live. Mia jamirasahera smrtibijarita manapura the oldest island.
Amazing beauty of nature is lilabhumi manapura Bhola Island about 80 km distance from the sea chest rise sightly jage another isolated island. The main transport system from tajumuddina Sci - trucks, tralara and engine powered boat that takes at least two hours.

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